Fine Bros. anger their fan base with stupid special announcement about React World

How do I put this lightly? I'm done with the Fine Bros. Today, they made a special announcement that basically says that they are letting you license their React videos (Teens React, Elders React, etc.) so that you can create content just like them. The lingo is murky at best and according to this reddit thread, they went so far as to copyright "react" phrases and words so that they would have the power to stop and remove anybody else ever uploading any sort of react video.

The ridiculous part here is the fact that react videos weren't even created by them. React videos have been around for as long as video recording has hit the consumer market (A VERYYYYY LONNNNGGGG TIMMMEEE) and the Fine Bros. just happen to be one of the more famous YouTubers doing it. But with this new "special announcement", they now have the power to remove react videos -- which they have been doing already anyway -- with much more fervor. Disgusting.

Their Facebook statement attempts to clarify the major backlash they're receiving due to this announcement, but all it comes off as is them trying to cover their ass without saying anything meaningful. Their lawyers are writing it all I'm sure.

Interestingly enough, you can watch their subscriber count on YouTube go down every second.

Still not understanding it all? Mega64, another popular and amazing YouTube channel, parodies the Fine Bros. announcement below. Think about how ridiculous this all sounds. That's exactly what the Fine Bros. are doing with this whole "React World" announcement.