Hello 2016!

This is the year. This is the year I finally figure out what the hell I’m going to do with my two main domains — hermanyung.com (which currently hosts the new Doobybrain) and doobybrain.com (which currently hosts the old Doobybrain). I know, it’s confusing.

But before we go into all that, a quick recap of 2015 since it is a new year after all. I’ve had a wonderful start to the new year so far and I figured I’d take some time to reminisce on some of the events that 2015 had for me.

A map of all of my Foursquare checkins in 2015.

A map of all of my Foursquare checkins in 2015.


Let’s start off with the checkins. I use Foursquare/Swarm on a daily basis and it helps me keep track of where I have been on any given date and time. At the end of every year, I download the raw data from my checkins and map it out onto a neat little Google Maps visual. This year was no different and I think it was the year I did the most checking in. I didn’t travel abroad this year but I did cover a lot of ground within the US. Not as much as I would have liked, but it’s still quite a lot considering how busy this year has been for me work-wise. I am truly thankful for a job and career that brings me to all sorts of weird and interesting places and I hope 2016 continues that trend of flying me out more to see the rest of the country. The US is a really strange and beautiful place…

If you want to see an interactive map, just get in touch with me and I’ll send you a link.