Dr. Zizmor, a Familiar Face in New York’s Subways, Has Retired - The New York Times

Hey! Nice. I don't even need to write a post now. The ultimate in lazy blogging.

Ok, real update now. Not going to lie, this news sort of makes me sad. I guess in a way it's sort of like seeing an old version of New York that I know very well disappear forever. Dr. Zizmor's face has been on Subway ads since the '80s (although obviously, I only really remember them from the late '90s and on when I moved to NYC). Those ads were hideous -- a mismatch of rainbow colors, fluorescent train lighting, and that slightly creepy smile from Dr. Zizmor himself.

But man did those ads work! His business is very successful from what I hear despite having only mediocre reviews on places like Yelp. You can't expect much from a doctor that advertises on the Subway I suppose.

In 2014, Gothamist published a photo of what Dr. Zizmor looked like at the time. Let's just say those ads use a very old photo of him.