British Rail Corporate Identity Manual

I wanted to take some time to highlight a few Kickstarter projects I've backed lately. I've significantly scaled down my Kickstarter-backing expenses this past year and made a more conscious effort to scrutinize and choose the projects that I feel would hold up on their own over time. I feel like this one fits the bill.

The British Rail Corporate Identity Manual follows in the footsteps of the NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual and the  1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual (also made into a Kickstarter project) and aims to reproduce a very iconic standards manual for the masses. This one centers around the branding and identity of British Rail.

The book scans the original 1965 graphics standards manual and presents it, fixed up and retouched to original perfection, in a glorious hardcover book that will be approximately 300 pages. The book will include a foreward written by Michael C. Place of Build creative agency as well as an interview with Gerry Barney, the man behind the iconic British Rail double arrow symbol.

If you want to grab a copy, you can do so here. But keep in mind that it is still currently a pre-order.