Man reviews the uber-expensive Residence Suite aboard Etihad's A380

Here is Brian Kelly, founder of The Points Guy website, flying Etihad Airways' inaugural flight from New York-JFK to Abu Dhabi on its brand-new A380. The flight cost him $32,058 which he acknowledged was a big expense (but hey, business write-off!) but one that was well worth the money in his experience.

So what does a $32,000 ticket aboard one of the most luxurious airline cabins give you? Well, a lot. The big obvious one is tons of space. Space to spread out, to lounge, to shower, to eat, to move about while flying. But then there are the not-so-obvious things like the bottle of liquor engraved with your name that's served to you mid-flight, or the showers, or the two car service vehicles giving you a lift to the airport, or a special call directly from the airline thanking you for booking this extravagant trip. All can be had in the air if you can pay $32,000+!

Seriously though, does this guy have a great job or what? Pretty jealous. This is just a glimpse of opulence that I'll most likely never experience first-hand.