On this day in 1994: The MetroCard kills the token

MetroCard starts killing the token in 1994

THE FIRST SWIPE! On this day in 1994, MTA New York City Transit unveiled the MetroCard. It was BLUE, and like now, it wouldn't work if you swiped too fast. Also, a ride was $1.25! Check out this cool WPIX Archives video from the first day!

Posted by PIX 11 on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'm hoping the video above shows up, but if it doesn't you can watch the video here. It's a PIX11 news story from 1994 showing the NYC Subway system's introduction of the MetroCard to replace the token. The MetroCard was mostly blue at the time (instead of mostly gold/yellow like it is today) and made transfers and payments along the entire Subway system more convenient for travelers.

How much was a ride then? Just $1.25. Today, a ride is $2.75.