Eagle Creek made their Pack-It Sacs smaller but kept the price the same

Just a personal gripe of mine I need to air: I've used Eagle Creek Pack-It sacs for years now, but sometime in the recent past, it looks like the company has made their Pack-It sacs smaller while still selling them for the same price. Their current Pack-It Sac in small (model # EC-41212) is shorter in height which is a shame because I've bought a ton of these previously and loved the uniformity they had in my packing kit (previous model # is EC-41075). I can only assume at this point that all their corresponding sizes from Medium to Large have also changed in size. I called the company and it looks like there's no way to get the old sizing back.

The bags are still incredibly useful, but for a longtime buyer, I can't help but feel a bit cheated knowing that I'm paying the same price for a newer but smaller bag.