The Good Dinosaur might be Pixar's worst movie

Yes, blasphemy, I know. Even worse than Cars. I just finished watching The Good Dinosaur and I can't understand why this passed Pixar's quality control department. Yes, the film looks stunning and the advances in Pixar's rendering technology is amazing, but story-wise, this film was just so weak. I've never been more annoyed at any main character in a Pixar film like I was in The Good Dinosaur and I was even less thrilled to see the dinosaur succeed in his quest to go home. All the plot points seemed so stuck in and unnatural. The flow was missing here and it really had me questioning why a lot of things were happening when they did. It seemed like just a way to move the film along, but without any good reason.

Ugh, don't bother with this one.

UPDATE: Here is Double Toasted's review of the film which basically says the same thing I mentioned above. This movie just plain sucks.