A few additions to the playing card collection...

It's been a while since I've done an update on my playing card collection. At last count, my collection is over 400 decks, about 85% of those are Bicycle-branded playing cards. Pretty amazing when I think about it. Most people only know the red and blue Bicycle Rider decks and here I am with a collection of over 400. This is my life. :( Just kidding, I really enjoy collecting these.

In this latest batch are the following:

  • The Sons of Liberty playing cards
  • Theory11 Union playing cards
  • Wasteland and Desert Ranger playing cards by Jackson Robinson
  • Bicycle Fashion Teal playing cards
  • Bicycle The Academy of Magical Arts playing cards
  • Bicycle Moscato and Marsala playing cards
  • Bicycle Coral and Indigo playing cards
  • Bicycle Cyclist playing cards
  • Bicycle Mariner playing cards
  • Bicycle Sharks playing cards 

And one more special one...

Bicycle 'YOUR LOGO HERE' promotional deck

Bicycle 'YOUR LOGO HERE' promotional deck