Instagram finally gets on board with two-factor authentication

Instagram is one of the last big social media services I use to enable 2FA. Why it took so long, who knows, but I'm glad it's finally coming (in a slow roll-out). I would have thought that high-profile Instagram profiles being hacked and stolen would have pushed this issue to the #1 feature request spot, but I guess people at Instagram don't care that much about it. Now, it seems, they've got all the other silly requests out of the way (like the recent multiple account feature) so they can finally work on getting this rolled out.

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed to WIRED that the photo-sharing service is releasing the new feature in a slow, staged rollout, so you may not see the option for your account just yet. Details about the timing of the full release and whether the feature will first be available for iOS or Android aren’t available at this time.