Paper Towns -- one of the worst movies I've ever seen

I wish I could say I was exaggerating here, but seriously, WTF? This movie was terrible. Can this book Paper Towns really be by the same John Green that wrote The Fault In Our Stars? While The Fault In Our Stars was pretty great in my opinion (producing a great film as well), Paper Towns is just 100% pretentious garbage.

The whole story surrounding Margo and her "mysterious" disappearance just did not make any sense. And it was so forced onto the viewer that I was just like "wait, what?!" Her sudden re-connection with her neighbor (who has had a crush on her since grade school -- a der der der) to involve him in a series of revenge attacks was so stupid and contrived. That he would even follow her, even if he liked her, to such great lengths was entirely unbelievable. He's either seriously whipped since 10 years old or he's incredibly stupid. Quite possibly both.

AND THEN THERE'S THE STUPID ENDING! OMG. I wanted to punch my computer screen when it happened. I just couldn't believe the stupidity of the main character. If this is a peek into teenage lives and emotions these days, GOD HELP US ALL.

Paper Towns
By John Green