6: A dedication to the iconic 6th Street Bridge

A part of me is incredibly sad that I'm not in LA right now to bid farewell to the iconic 6th Street Bridge. This bridge was the first place I went exploring in LA when I started going there regularly each year. It's appearance in films and TV shows and commercials made it seem familiar yet star-like all at the same time and going through that dark, dingy 6th Street tunnel to the LA River was always so cool and exciting to me. It was a true concrete paradise for me -- especially in the year that I lived in LA (I spent a lot of time here!).

This video here is a tribute to the iconic 6th Street Bridge. It was screened inside the tunnel underneath the bridge at an event hosted by LAforum and officially sanctioned by the City of Los Angeles.

RIP 6th Street Bridge: 1932-2016.