Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump

At times, it's hard for me to understand just how Donald Trump has gotten so far in this political race so far. I would have thought he would have been passed over or dropped out due to a lack of success ages ago, but here we are, early March, and who is the GOP frontrunner? None but the Trump himself. Really surprising, honestly. And not to mention quite scary.

Despite what he seems to say in the media, Trump's ideas and character seem rather un-American to me. Since when did being American mean dismissing the opposing side of an argument or putting others down? When did "speaking your mind" mean that you were smart or capable of leading a country? When people stop and wonder about how America would look like to other nations to have Trump as our President, does that look or seem American at all? Are we really no better than the racism and bigotry we've worked so hard to overcome?

Everybody is entitled to his/her own political views, but voting for Trump just because there's no other decent Republican candidate (seriously, what was the mess they put on this past year?) seems like a stupid idea and I have no problem saying it. Vote for who you think will run the country well not necessarily who's making the most noise in your political party.

Anyway, all that above to say that I really feel like this Last Week Tonight with John Oliver bit was a long time coming. A popular video from somebody seemingly level-headed who just might be able to speak some truth to the other side -- if they only take some time to watch it. Like Oliver says, everybody's got faults and everybody's bound to change their mind sometime, but the problem with Donald Trump is that he doesn't acknowledge his faults and his opinions change depending on who he is talking to. The ultimate people-pleaser and the worst kind of President.