Did we even really need the Coolest Cooler?

I guess it sucks to be cheated out of a product you helped pay for, but at the same time, it's hard to feel bad for people who supported the Coolest cooler on Kickstarter. This entire project so eloquently sums up the problem with Kickstarter projects. The site is so often hailed as the perfect way to help fund the things you want in life, but honestly, it's just a clever way for you to be cheated out of money when the poor-planning and business-sense of product idea people come head to head with production needs.

I mean, let's face it, the Coolest cooler is quite frankly one of the stupidest products on the market and I'm just surprised that it even funded at all. It's a cooler for God's sake! Why does it have to be combined with a Bluetooth speaker and a blender?! That doesn't even make any sense? I understand that there are products whose sole purpose is to introduce people to things that they never even knew they wanted/needed, but a cooler+Bluetooth speaker+blender is not one of those things.

At its core, a cooler should be able to function on its own without a battery, without needing to be charged, and without having to serve a function of another fully-capable device/appliance. Are you seriously so lazy that you thought paying upwards of $165 for a "smart" cooler was a good idea?

Anyway, I saw the problems here from day one and now it seems like the company is further pissing people off.