The US Treasury official names Harriet Tubman to replace Jackson on the $20 bill

Photo: Library of Congress

Looks like Women On 20s is getting their wish after all! The US Treasury officially announced this morning that Harriet Tubman, renown abolitionist and Union spy during the Civil War, will replace Andrew Jackson as the face of the upcoming refresh of the $20 note.

While the new bill design hasn't been released yet, Tubman's face will be the first of a woman's to be featured on a US paper note in over 100 years (Trivia time! Martha Washington, the wife of 1st President George Washington, appeared on a $1 Silver Certificate in the 1880s).

PS: Kind of related -- Photoshop doesn't allow you to open images of currency, so to get around this, I imported the image into Lightroom then exported it straight into Photoshop with no problem. Such a weird workaround.