Dyson Airblade hand dryers may just be helping to spread germs

I used to love these Dyson Airblade hand dryers. At the time of their release, I was always excited to come across one in a bathroom because they were unconventional, super powerful, and felt like I was getting a good clean, dry in an otherwise dirty public space. But over time, I really started to hate these things. Why? Because they were always installed at incorrect heights which meant that my palms or my wrists would inevitably hit that dirty section mildew and wetness that just eradicated any means I made to wash my hands prior. Man, little did I know...

It turns out that these hand dryers aren't any more hygienic than hot-air blow dryers at all. In fact, they are most certainly worse, sending disease and germs flying all over the place. And coupled with improper maintenance and cleaning (which is often the case), this could spell disaster for those who just want to clean their hands and get out of a public restroom.

But all that aside, can we just go back to regular hand dryers that don't involve paper and don't involve me sticking my hands into a dirty little crevice? Ugh.