Microsoft will discontinue support for Sunrise calendar at the end of August

This is one product that I'm honestly sad to see go. A little over a year after Microsoft acquired the team behind the Sunrise calendar app, the company announced today on their blog that the product will officially be discontinued on August 31st of this year.

Sunrise was my go-to calendar app. It was cross-platform, web-based, and was super easy to sync up with multiple devices as well as Google services. It played well with Wunderlist (which I use often) and worked well with Foursquare's checkin feeds (so I can see my checkins on my calendar). These are little things, but things that so far haven't really made it quite the same way onto Microsoft Sunrise successor, Outlook.

Where Sunrise was simple, Outlook just seems overly complicated and bloated. I don't want my email coupled with my calendar. I just want my calendar. But unfortunately as these things go, they often get blended into one.

So long Sunrise. You were the absolute best free Calendar solution for this mighty web.