Toggl Time Tracking Software and App

You ask 5 people for time tracking software recommendations and you'll get 5 different time tracking software names. That really sucks. There seems to be no one that rules them all in this field which is a shame considering how useful a good time tracking software is. You can track sleep habits, work habits, eating habits, job schedules, etc. But nope, nobody seems to agree on a single time tracking software so I'm just going to go recommend one right now: Toggl.

At its simplest, Toggle lets you set projects and track time worked on projects across multiple platforms. For me, that's iOS, Mac OS, and on the web. Without getting overly complicated, I can start tracking time with the push of a button and fill in details later as I have completed the project (or do it all at once, it's really up to the user).

The interface is clean and simple and for starters, the price is free with paid tiers available for extra features. For now, this is the one that gets the job done.

Any other recommendations I should try out?