Selfies in Germany

I don't know if anybody uses VSCO the exact way that I do so let me try to explain something first before I go into what this post is about. Occasionally, I'll import photos into VSCO Cam on my iPhone and keep them there for several reasons. I don't post them, I don't export them with presets back into my Camera Roll. I just keep them sitting in my VSCO Cam app. Why? Because it's one way I've managed to keep important photos of mine from getting buried otherwise. All other photos in my VSCO Cam come and go, but a few select ones stay indefinitely.

I never expected these two photos to leave VSCO Cam so quickly (after all, they were only taken this past June), but with this post I guess I'm letting them go -- two of my favorite recent mirror selfies in a much longer running series that literally brought us around the world. A wonderful journey but a bittersweet ending. Hard to imagine at this point that Germany was just 2 months ago.