Longer video of woman who threw a bucket of bugs into a full D train

Uh, so you probably saw that short video of the crazy woman on the train selling bugs and insects on the D train during rush hour. Well, now a full video has surfaced and it's even more frightening. BUGS EVERYWHERE. Straight on people's heads! NO THANK YOU.

UPDATE: So my friend Wilson tells me that this was all apparently an elaborate and sick prank played by the woman and the man who smacked the bugs out of her hand. Great prank guys. Not only did you frighten everybody on this train car, but you inconvenienced a ton of other people riding the Subway because this train was stalled on the bridge for a long time! But prank or not, it's clear to me that this woman is still crazy. I mean, she had a prank where she stabbed a baby to death. What is wrong with this woman????!!!