I sent a postcard to Donald Trump

I spent the earlier half of this week talking extensively about Donald Trump and this country with a small group of activists in upstate NY. It wasn't the purpose of the trip but Trump ended up being a hot topic because every day was just a whole new avalanche of news, disappointment, and fear started by him signing executive orders. It's clearer now than ever that he does not have the good of this country in his mind but rather the profits of companies and his own interests.

Anyway, if you're unhappy, WRITE! Write, write, write! Write to The White House. Write to Trump. Write to your local and state representatives. Tell people who support Trump that they are on thin ice because these people in power fear losing power. They don't care about Trump -- they care about re-election and if they see a wave of folks possibly voting the other way, it's the best way we can make a big difference despite who is sitting in the President's chair.

Do something.