Watch this guy review the Back to the Future DeLorean Sixth-Scale Toy Car

One of the most true-to-film toy recreations of the Back To The Future DeLorean can be had at Sideshow Toys for $689.99. A small price to pay for the ultimate BTTF fan. This man in the video above proves it. Pretty remarkable seeing the level of detail on this thing. And it's pretty big too -- not some small toy here. But at that size, couldn't they have gone the extra step and just painted the license plate and dashboard instead of including those cheap stickers? That ruins it for me.


The new DeLorean has a new commercial

If you didn't hear, the DeLorean is being made again to almost exactly the same specs as the 1982 vehicle. The price is steep, at about 100K each, so it's really just for diehard DeLorean fans who grew up wanting one because of BTTF.

And now, with the new car, there comes a new commercial featuring Bobby Hundreds' own DeLorean.

And this version below features one of my favorite pieces from The Hundreds -- their custom key.

Listen to this electric DeLorean take off in insane mode

If you were excited about the possibility of an electric DeLorean being manufactured after this week's announcement that DMC is making DeLoreans again, well, don't hold your breath. The company isn't expected to make any electric vehicles despite the 100K pricetag. A shame since this would be a prime opportunity to update the car to current industry standards while keeping the look of the vehicle for those who are excited to own one.

It's already been proven that the DeLorean can be made electric so why not go that route?

Here's an electric DMCEV DeLorean taking off with an insane amount of power at the start. Seriously, just listen to those tires screech. Amazing!


DeLorean Motor Company will make new vehicles for just under 100K

Photo of  electric  DeLorean from  FastCo .

Photo of electric DeLorean from FastCo.

For the first time in 3 decades, the DeLorean Motor Company is making cars again. The company has always restored and supported the existing enthusiast DeLorean market but has never been allowed to make new cars. But a new federal law will allow the company to make about 300 brand-new vehicles identical to the 1982 DeLorean. Price? Unfortunately, just under 100K per new vehicle. Eeks.