Every Nardwuar vs Snoop Dogg interview (so far)

I'm pretty sure Nardwuar has interviewed Snoop Dogg more times than any other musician on his list. These Snoop Dogg interviews are always so entertaining partially due to Snoop's incredible linguistic skills and also Nardwuar's enthusiasm for genuinely being interested in talking to Snoop about all sorts of random things.

But the thread that seems to hold all of these interviews together is that Snoop always finds a way to steal or borrow something that Nardwuar doesn't really want to give up. It carries over from interview to interview and it's actually quite funny if you watch them in succession. So I've put them all here for you to enjoy.

Click inside to see the videos.

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Burger King launching grilled hot dogs this month

Higher quality hot dogs at a lower price point. That's the goal here with Burger King's latest announcement of the restaurant chain adding 2 hot dog menu items to over 7100 locations nationwide. The classic hot dog will sell for $1.99 and the chili cheese dog for $2.29.

Somehow, I found this announcement worth noting.

UPDATE: Here's Snoop Dogg helping to advertise the new Burger King hot dogs.

Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2016/0...