The Hundreds x Animaniacs

Bobby Hundreds has spoken about this failed collaboration before but I don't think until now has he ever posted any image from the collection. Over the years, The Hundreds have worked with everybody it seems and it's a bit odd that WB (or whatever parent company of the Animaniacs) have decided to kill this project. But I'm hoping that this reveal here, even if it's small, means that the talks are back on the table. This would be so cool to see as final product.

The new DeLorean has a new commercial

If you didn't hear, the DeLorean is being made again to almost exactly the same specs as the 1982 vehicle. The price is steep, at about 100K each, so it's really just for diehard DeLorean fans who grew up wanting one because of BTTF.

And now, with the new car, there comes a new commercial featuring Bobby Hundreds' own DeLorean.

And this version below features one of my favorite pieces from The Hundreds -- their custom key.