TripMode kept me sane in Munich

This trip to Germany was the first time I used the TripMode app for Mac. It works exactly as advertised, saving me on bandwidth when I have precious little of it available. If you haven't heard of TripMode, I wrote about it recently, but in short, it's an app that disables internet access except for apps specified by you.

Why is this important? Because if you are stuck in a place with limited bandwidth like I was (AT STUPID NH HOTELS IN MUNICH!!!), sometimes those little bits of internet are best not used for updating files on Dropbox, Google Drive, OS X updates, and other app update checks. If all you want to do is check email through the browser, TripMode makes sure that only your browser can access the internet.

Of course, TripMode also works if your computer is tethered to a mobile hotspot. For $7.99, this app can prevent over-usage of international hotspot tethering. In other words, it can save you money while still allowing you to do what you need to get done.

Check out the app here.

TripMode is an app that prevents data usage while tethered to mobile hotspot

TripMode seems like a great way to save on unnecessary data usage while traveling and tethered to a mobile hotspot that doesn't have unlimited internet access. After all, if those giant Dropbox files aren't critical to your workflow, why have your computer download them while you're already limited to traveling internet access? Saves money!

The app is available for Windows and Mac and costs $7.99.