Here are some LEGO sets I would like to build

I've been thinking lately about buying a big LEGO set to build. I wonder if doing these giant LEGO sets will make me more patient and slow to do things. Here's hoping...

Anyway, here's a list of big LEGO sets I would like to build (in no particular order).

WHY OH WHY IS THIS LEGO SET SO EXPENSIVE? :( This is the LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van.

This is the LEGO Maersk Line Triple-E. The real life Maersk Triple-E ships were once the largest ships sailing the ocean

Another one in the LEGO Maersk line is this train set. Looks cool. Plus it's a train, and I like trains, so why not?

I would think that this LEGO Simpsons house would be more expensive than the Maersk ship and train, but it's not. Not cheap though at $200. But this would be fun to build and put up in the house. BONUS: For an added $200, you can build the Kwik-E-Mart too.