You can ride a continuous 9-mile bike path from Brooklyn to The Bronx now

I didn't make this connection at first, but apparently with the recent completion of the Chrystie Street bike lane, there is now a continuous 9-mile bike lane route from Brooklyn all the way to the Bronx. I've biked on every single part of this stretch of bike lane and it is always fun to do because you pass by so much of NYC at a leisurely pace. Spectacular views of the East River as well as an option to venture into Randall's Island (and then into the Bronx).

By the way, if you don't already know, you can download the NYC Bike Map here.


Chrystie Street will finally get a 2-way bike lane off the Manhattan Bridge

I cannot wait for this. According to Bowery Boogie, Chrystie Street will finally get a 2-way bike lane that connects directly to the Manhattan Bridge.

The green bike lane will run along Sara D. Roosevelt Park and have protection from parked cars and jersey barriers. This is a much-needed improvement to the street which has seen many cyclists (myself included) dark across the two-way vehicular road in order to ride the wrong way on the current one-lane bike lane onto the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge (whew, that was sort of a mouthful).

The improvements will supposedly open in fall 2016.