Caviar food delivery service is pretty cool


I don't even know how I heard about this. Probably from the back of a messenger here in NYC carrying Caviar's easily identifiable orange food bags (reminds me of Kozmo...). Anyway, until today, I've never used the food delivery service, but because of an issue at work, I ended up having to order to go without being able to pick up myself. Caviar saved the day!

Of all of the food delivery services available to me here in NYC, I think Caviar so far has the best food choices. Stuff I'm not settling for but rather food that I actually want to eat. Places like Corner Bistro, Fuku, Snowdays, Cafe El Presidente, Beecher's Cheese, etc. So many good choices and such an easy way to order! Why don't people use this more? Compared to the leader, Seamless, Caviar is like a goldmine of food!