The high cost of free parking

...In America there are 8 parking spots for every car...

A lot of what this city talks about is in the book Walkable City and Suburban Nation. I'll post links for both books below -- great reads if you want to see your city differently.

NYC's free super-fast Wi-Fi really is crazy fast

OMG, do you see the numbers in this speed test for New York City's new LinkNYC free Wi-Fi? I don't think I've ever seen speeds like that anywhere. If this is how fast NYC's free Wi-Fi network is going to be in the future, I don't think there's going to be any reason for me to have to buy internet at all (assuming that this program gets rolled out to cover the entire city).

It's also pretty neat too that LinkNYC takes public Wi-Fi security so seriously. I felt pretty safe logging into their network with their security procedures (a few prompts on screen and an approved security certificate -- just do it, you'll see) and the entire process was quick and simple. If you're along 3rd Avenue around 15th Street, try it out.