Are HPRC and Porta Brace the same company?

I’ve been shopping around for a new hard case for some EQ I own and I’ve decided to see what my options are beyond Pelican-brand cases (which I love). HPRC is the top contender/alternative but in my search I also came across Porta Brace hard cases (I know their soft bags but had no idea they made hard plastic cases like this too). Everything about the HPRC and Porta Brace cases are the same, even down to the model number. I just want to know if Porta Brace outsources their hard cases to HPRC and just re-brands them or if it’s maybe the other way around…? For what it’s worth, the Porta Brace versions of the same exact hard case are generally much cheaper than the HPRC versions. Why? I have no idea.