In case of emergency

Here's a grim little fact about Doobybrain: Did you know that almost every time I've taken a major trip, I schedule a post with my final thoughts ahead of my flight to be published on the day after my original return date? Yeah, morbid, huh.

I started this practice a few years ago after hearing about all the untimely deaths making the news. I've always thought how it was unfortunate that these people left the earth with no way to communicate to the people they loved. Obviously, I know death comes at any moment, and not just on airplane crashes, but I guess airplanes are one of those places where I feel like my fate is really out of my control (I'm not the pilot, I'm strapped to my seat, I have no view of what's ahead of the plane, etc.).

Anyway, writing these posts is always both soothing and really sad. Thankfully, I will never have to post these to the public because hopefully I will never be involved in a fatal plane crash.