I dug this photo up in my archive. It’s a photo taken in April of 2002 at my former apartment where I had the brilliant idea 12 years ago to start a website. This was before the term “blog” was mainstream and before I even had a smartphone. This was also the time when having a desk meant sacrificing half of it to your monitor. Life sure was weird back then. Look at how messy this place was! Man, it’s incredible I did anything here at all.

Anyway, happy 12th birthday to this domain which I will own for next 100 years.


I’ve been following Stephen Powers ever since his graffiti days, going then by the name of ESPO and painting tons of rolling gates and walls here in NYC (and most likely beyond the city as well). As far as I know, it’s been a while since he’s written as ESPO, and that’s for good reason, because he’s been busy in the last few years bringing down-and-out communities all over the world together with whimsical and feel-good murals the size of buildings.

The Princeton Architectural Press just published a brand-new book of his various mural projects called A Love Letter to the City. The book details the work he’s done to proactively bring communities in Brooklyn, Syracuse, Johannesburg, Philadelphia, and Brazil together and lift their spirits. With a love for hand painted lettering in bold and colorful styles, Stephen Powers used the paintbrush to transform canvases normally left for advertisers and churned out sign after sign about love, life, and doing good. His work requires little effort to enjoy and if you’ve seen it before in person then you know how great it can be to walk down the street, look up, and see his letters talking right back at you.

The book is available right now for $17.25.