Is the PowerMac G5 obsolete?


Last year (maybe the year before that?) I acquired a PowerMac G5. The machine was sitting in near-perfect condition on the sidewalk outside of my house, ready to be hauled away as trash. I saved it knowing 2 things: 1) This was one of the most beautiful machines ever created; and 2) They don't make these anymore. Both of those together seemed to me like a good reason to save this from being landfill.

And here I am over a year later still trying to think of what to do with this. Because it is a PowerPC, I can't really run any modern programs on it which means I can't even use it as a web browsing computer. It is, essentially, a 50-pound paperweight that just so happens to be the size of several reams of paper.

The video below shows just how far we've come since the PowerMac G5 both in terms of computer size and power efficiency. Let me tell you, this PowerMac G5 is no power-saver. Anyway, I guess if I had 2 I could always make a bench out of it.