The I-35 bridge collapse disaster in Minneapolis

I remember this event very well. I was living in Melbourne at the time and I was just about to go to bed when I first heard about it in my apartment. I spent the next couple of hours looking up news and writing about it on a former shell of Doobybrain. It was my first time seeing a bridge collapse like that and I just couldn't believe it at first. The photos were hard to turn away from and the news itself was just so sad.

I also remember the aftermath of this bridge collapse well. Lots of talk about gusset plates and federal funding to make sure no bridge ever falls again in the US. And then even more talk about how road infrastructure budgets aren't ready to tackle the aging roadways across the nation. All of this just being another way to say Hey, you know that bridge you're on? Yeah, it can fall at any moment.

Great. Instill fear in yourself once again with this report below.


Crane collapse in Lower Manhattan kills 1, several others injured

A crawling crane collapsed this morning in Lower Manhattan on Worth Street and West Broadway. The crane toppled over and crushed several cars along a 2-block radius and killed one person who was sitting in one of the parked cars.